Thinking with you

Famous philosopher Descartes said “I think, therefore I exist”.
It literally means, “Whoever thinks proves their existence”.
Are you inquisitive enough to take a peek through a keyhole into someone’s thoughts
then take this as your invitation to that wonderful window of opportunity,please carry on..

Human beings are considered to be rational animals and the power of rationality is one of the distinguishing features between human beings and animals. Each individual thinks in his own pattern, has their own perceptions and takes necessary decisions to move ahead in life. A person’s thoughts always influence in shaping his personality. A good personality or behaviour cannot be achieved without it being rationally and philosophically sound. In short, the philosophy of a person is a decisive factor in one’s life. When people in a society think and do good things, it resonates around in society transforms it into a better and happy society. Throughout the centuries, the philosophy of life has always been influenced by religion even when the cultures of each region varied from time to time and person to person. In this page you will certainly find some of the greatest thoughts and observations of a person who was deeply influenced and attracted by the philosophy of an eminent historical figure, “Jesus” whose teachings have influenced more people in this world than any other. Always thinking and hoping for a better humanity and our society, Noble as his causes are, we can see that his creative instincts have transformed his expressions and thought into excellent works of art that includes books, cartoons, songs and visuals with a difference.

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